Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Why I need to be out of DEBT...

Yesterday I was on my way to the Post Office in the local village to make a payment on my overdue Tax bill and my mobile started to ring. Being the the good citizen I am, I didn't answer it as I was driving. But a thought crossed my mind as to who the caller might be..... but hey that would be just my wild imagination. When I got back home I checked my phone and found that who ever called my phone was unknown but the number was a London number. Again the thought crossed my mind as to who had called and again I thought to myself don't be so silly..... it could be anyone. But no it really was a very serous sounding man from the Inland Revenue. (This is all very true and "no" I don't believe in second sight or what ever it is called).
The guy I spoke too must really hate his job - he had the worst phone manner I have heard in a very long time. But then he does work for the revenue. I advised him of my oh so resent payment and that I had had problems with bouncing cheques so had been delayed by a week or two to make said payment but he didn't feel that my payment idea was to his liking and required me to call back the following day (well it was almost 5pm by now) and give all my income and expenditure details so the IRD could decide a payment arrangement.
This I have dutifully done today and I got the same guy on the phone (I think I have his direct phone number) and after going though my SOA he has decided to accept my payment plan. (Big surprise there huh!!).
I did freak him when I said I paid no rent, mortgage, board etc - he was really not sure हाउ to deal with that and also the fact that I claimed no benefits.
Well am pleased that is over and do with - just need to get lots of regular work for the next year and a half.
But this is the reason I need to be out of debt - if I was debt free I could have paid this account off on time and not had to have had the call.

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