Friday, 27 May 2016

EF Spending Spree

I am back from holiday and as usually I went way over my budget, well that is the problem I did really do a budget. So as I had no real plan for my holiday finance I spent may more than I should have. Part of the problem was I didn't organise the holiday, that was supposed to have been arranged by my god-children's father - however no planning was done at all.
I arrived with a travel guide I borrowed from the library - which included a basic map of the area, and that was all we had or used.
The trip was to Spain, to the Costa del Sol in fact or as I was told the Andalusian coast. Very popular with British traveller's - not a good fact!! But at least we were there just out of season so most to the Pom's had gone home. Well except for us!!
The main cost was food - the first night out we spend just over £100 which for two adults and three children. It include one bottle of wine. We ordered way to much and even took some of the meal back to our holiday apartment. Not knowing a language can be fun but also can cost you more when you can't ask what else comes with a main course dish.
My plan is now to get my baby Emergence Fund back to it's thousand pound balance and also get my expenses balance back to a one month extra balance. After that the only debt I have pending is my tax bill due next January and I really will have to save for that one. Christmas will be tight this year!

The lovely village of Frigiliana

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