Monday, 13 April 2015

Working the Baby Steps

This month it is all about my baby Emergency Fund. 
Currently it is sitting at £300.00 and if I am really, really good about my spending this week it should be at £1k by the end of the month. Another £200.00 paid in next month and I would have completed my next goal to save six months wort of expenses into my expense account. 
Two goals to complete after that are:
  1. Save for my tax bill in July
  2. Save £1k per month for the next five months
Not exactly Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps but ether way I will have cleared an up coming debt while holding just over £1k in an Emergency Fund (step one and two) and would have started to save towards my fully funded Emergency Fund (step three). I don't think Dave would be opposed to my plans.
As a side note I logged on to Noodle, a free credit check site and found that my credit rating with them is 4/5. Which they stated as being very good and that I should be approved for most loans I apply for. What a laugh - okay I wasn't turned down for that last loan but I might as well have been! 
Noodle also listed me as not being on the Electoral Roll, which I am and received a conformation of that very fact today by post. So have placed an error alert regarding this to be dealt with by Noodle and will check the site again next month.

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