Thursday, 6 September 2012

Confession From the Bookshop

Okay so, this is totally not my fault - I wasn't aware that it was even available yet and you know how shops always put temptation right up in front as you walk in. It's all done sciencifily you know - none of us stand a chance!
So on Wednesday afternoon, there I was browsing the shops in Putney and I walked into Waterstones and there it was on a table right next to the escalator. I mean you'd have to trip over it not to see it. The latest book - in hard back - at half price (sigh).

What's a girl to do??

I had just spent my daily budget of £5 but I had my debit card in my purse. I picked up a copy and had a quick read of the blurb before putting it back down and going up the escalator and browsing the philosophy section. Who was I kidding - I tried to look interested in what I was seeing but it was a lost course. So back down the stairs while pulling out my debit card and making a beeline for the counter to purchase what I could no longer resist.

 'A Wanted Man' by Lee Child.


Tasmanian Minimalist said...

It's so good to have found your blog. I too cleared $30 k of debt and then sank back and nearly ran back the same amount once more. I am now on my own plan B...your words and blog are music to my eyes...many thanks

Louise said...

bookstores are just so easy to spend money in, they really are