Monday, 16 May 2011

May's Mid Month Update

My Emergency Fund is now fully funded, I know, I have done Dave Ramsey's steps in the wrong order but am now on to Baby Step three having completed the first two. Gosh I am so happy to get to this place in my finances. Not sure if I will be able to totally complete one of the goals I hope to achieve this month, that being putting aside £1k to pay towards my taxes. This amount I have to lowered to £800 which isn't to much of a problem as I have until the end of July to pay my next tax bill.
A few expenses have popped up so far this month which I needed to pay, like having to replace my ipod ear phones after dropping them into my coffee last Saturday week. Not a great day that one.
So far I haven't spent very much at all this month which I am happy about but I did order a book online which is the first of a series of seven books and I am really liking the first book!
Another book I purchased this month is 'I Will Teach You To Be Rich' by Ramit Sethi (UK edition) which I am finding very good reading. This is written as a six week programme and each chapter ends with action steps for each week. I have been following along with some of the recommendations, one being to check your credit rating which I did and my rating was 999. However some of the information from some banks was over a month old and it didn't show that I had paid off my Flexiloan. So I am very happy with that rate.
Other things that Ramit suggested were change your bank for better rates (did that last month) and automating monthly payments to avoid bank changes. He doesn't like to use the word 'budget' and instead calls it a 'conscious spending plan'.
All in all a great book if your starting out in your financial life - good basic steps to building your future, with not only good ideas but practical steps for you to do! I am up to chapter six and it deals with investing - that's something I had been planning to do next year but Ramit says start today. We will see.
How are your goals for May coming along? I'd love to hear from you......


Gill - That British Woman said...

great blog, thanks for popping by mine and are doing well with your financial goals..

Gill in Canada

Prince of Thrift said...

That's awesome. As you know I am not one that follows Dave Ramsey's baby steps 100% to the letter. I think they are a great guide, but I think eliminating debt is paramount to fixing our financial troubles. Basing it on the Bible and God's plan is key, especially putting Him first in our financial lives.

That's one thing I have noticed teaching this to a group of ex-cons you get a lot more questions (or so it seems) about whether or not my wife and I are actually doing it in our own lives. Of course it is a struggle, but it can be done. Keep up the good work.

As for my credit rating I had a 613 when I checked last night. Needs improving I know. The book "I will Teach You To Be Rich" sounds like it might be an interesting read. Maybe even review. However, I have a book on my desk to review first though. So I guess that means I need to read it it to (lol).

Debt Donkey said...

Congrats on saving the emergency fund. That is a huge milestone! I can't wait to get there myself. Thanks for the inspiration.