Thursday, 26 November 2009


Wow the year is really racing now - blink and you miss it!
I can't believe I have only one more payment for my taxes and then then next four weeks are all savings towards my two month trip home. I will not make the tax payment until the end of next week (the first week of December)..... gosh so much to do and so little time. I need to sort out my summer wardrobe and also get rid of some of the stuff I have collected in the last twelve months, books, DVD's, CD's and lots of papers.
Can't wait to get home - it's been two years since my last trip and my younger brother has got sleeper all set up for me on his new property (10m or so from the house so my music want both anyone). He's now got about six acres of land with a large house, a barn and out houses so I can't wait to see what my little pad is like. He also has eight boxes that I posted over from the UK two years ago and up the road from him my sister has a whole bunch of my stuff too. So I have lots of sorting out once I get home. Can't wait!!
My plan is to come back to the UK in March to work but I have an invitation to a Bar Mitzvah in Israel in March too so I need to find out when in March that is (hopefully at the beginning of the month) or I may not be starting work till about April.
I have my cash in my purse and have hardly used my debt card at all this month all - my £5 a day spending plan is on track and I have money in my current account (even if I know that it's going to pay my tax bill). I just love all the little "cr's" that appear next to all my account balances.
While I am away I need to make sure that there is money in my account to cover all my direct debts which amount to about £140 a month, so that will be about £400 I will need to set aside. I have finally come to the end of my Orange phone contract (never again!!) and I think that another payment of £10 monthly for a saving plan is maturing shortly too. So that will bring down my direct debt monthly total.
Life is good!

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