Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Getting Back To Where I Was

Another wet and wintry day in the UK and yet another visit to the library.... and behold lots of empty computers so I shell be able to get my 120 minute quote in full today. I have even brought a packed lunch to save some money!... well really it's because I totally blew my £5 a day budget on Monday when I had lunch with a friend (and of cause I paid), so now I am left with only two £5 notes and some copper to last me until Saturday.
Something good to note is that I have been able to clear my tax bill and so my next pay cheque and all from now on will be going to reduce my debt. Last year I got it down to under £8K which was great but now I need to get it below £7k before I can start to celebrate again.


debtsfreelife said...

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Debt Free said...

You are doing really well with you £5 limit. Good luck getting that debt down!

Super Careo said...

You can do it!

I'm impressed with your £5 daily budget. I wonder if I would be able to that too ... I wonder what that would work out to in US dollars. Maybe it's a challenge that I will take on in March for a while?

LisaClark said...

Super Careo with the pound on a bit of a low you could try and manage on $7 a day and see how you go.