Thursday, 20 November 2008

Time For A Cool Change

What's been happening? Where do I start? My second job, the one which has been funding my debt clearing, has been on hold for the last three weeks and doesn't looking like restarting any time soon. Which means my Africa trip is going to have to be mostly funded via my tax payment account - something I am not very happy about but as the trip is now less than a fortnight away what else can I do. At least I am not using my credit card, that would mean breaking my number one rule of not increasing my debt.
My luggage problem (yes there was one!) has been solved. I started to get worried about getting charged for excess baggage as some of the gift's I am buying for the charity projects in Kenya and Uganda are a little on the heavy side. And I was told that my flight ticket limited my luggage to only 20 kg's (not nearly enough). However I have since found out that this limit is for the flight between Kenya and Uganda, which means I can take up to 46 kg to Kenya (2 bags at 23 kg each only). As I will be leaving about half the gifts in Kenya I should be able to get the rest to Uganda on the 20 kg limit (well here's hoping anyway).
Because of the problems with my second job I have made the decision to end both my jobs as of the 1st of December and get new work once I am back from Africa. Not great times for looking for new work but I have an agency who does that for me. So I am hopefully that come the middle of December I should have the next twelve weeks of work sorted and from that I can work out a new budget.
As I don't really do Christmas I am hoping to get back on track and really get working on my debt, as I want it all gone by at least July 2009!


Super Careo said...

Sounds like you are going to have an awesome time in Africa! I admire you for quitting and finding more work when you come back, you won't have to worry about while you're traveling.

arizona insurance said...

You have a plan and it sounds fairly wrapped up. Good for you. Have a good and safe trip.

LisaClark said...

Thanx Careo and arizona - it has all worked out well. Even if I did go way over budget while in Africa, all for the right reasons.
Have a brand new job which is paying much better than the last, so am hoping to really get going with clearing my debt this year.
Happy New year to you both and all the best for your goals for 2009!